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You are, at this moment in time, at the most unique and beautiful natural site in Tehri Garhwal, on the banks of the Ganges River.

This, once the summer retreat of the Maharajas of Tehri Garhwal, is situated on the first bend of the river where it turns to the east.

This has always been venerated in Vedic texts as being exceptionally auspicious.

There is a small Shiva temple on the land where the Shivling is worshipped daily with fresh flowers and aromatic herbs and washed with the sacred water of the Ganga.

You can feel the vibrations of legendary calm, peace and serenity that are present here even today. This has been the inspiration for Amrit Kashi, the Spa.

About Spa

The Amrit Kashi Spa presents fresh seasonal treatments specially blended according to your skin with the purest ingredients. From the potent Rasas of the sweetest Tender Coconut to the cool and refreshing juices of Cucumber and Aloe Vera with Lime and Narangi zest, when used in their natural form will leave your skin fresh, lightly scented and drenched with moisture.

Amrit Kashi Spa

These treatments with "living" substances such as plants are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life. They contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties necessary to nurture the skin and slow down the ageing process. They are perfect foods for the skin.

Inspired by their ancient forest surroundings and dedicated to natural well being, Amrit Kashi invites you to experience one of its Wellness spa packages designed to promote profound change. Mindfully designed packages to gently steer you on a new path these packages ensure palpable results and a deep sense of inner peace.

Taking a unique approach to complete wellbeing and personal fulfilment, Amrit Kashi transcends the usual spa offering to deliver an empowering holistic experience that encourages you to open your heart, rest your mind, nurture your body and engage your spirit and connect with the power and wonder within.

The Amrit Kashi spa team will be guiding the group through three/ five nights of group meditations, early morning yoga and spa treatments all complemented by an itinerary designed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Herb garden takes inspiration from its forest surroundings; it instils a sense of calm, well-being and serenity, just as Amrit Kashi is nestled amongst tropical vegetation with views across the river ganges. The range of treatments are luxurious and indulgent but also health-giving and soul soothing and will be given by Amrit Kashi specialist therapists.


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Facial Treatment

Our customised rejuvenating and calming facial treatments heals on a physical level with richly nourishing, purifying and renewing ingredients. On a deeper level, it invites relaxation and rebalances by focusing on facial marma points and stimulates the flow of prana (life energy force).

Massage Treatment

Massage therapies at Amrit Kashi are designed to bring you balance and harmony. Fusing elements of both ancient and contemporary techniques, our highly trained and skilled therapist works deep into the body to promote a sense of relaxation.

Signature Treatment

Experience the alchemy that transforms age old excellence into present day miracles. These immersion's of therapies eases away stress and promote serenity by gently stimulating the body's natural cleansing and regenerating processes to adverse effects of a demanding modern lifestyle.

Ayurveda Journey

Centered on traditional philosophy, these journeys are designed to gently guide you on a new path, and in-still a deep sense of inner peace. Whether you seek to renew focus or promote internal balance and overall wellbeing for a healthier life, there is an engaging program for you.

SPA Packages

SPA Packages


Feel connected to the earth with a renewed sense of self.

The de stress treatment at Amrit Kashi is a programme that focuses on natural therapies and exercises that rebalance health and energy levels, maintaining them to combat stress and live life to your fullest potential.

  • Minimum 3 Nights
  • Recommended Stay: 5 Nights
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  • 1 x Sesame & Red Rice Scrub - 30 mins
  • 1 x Relax Massage - 60 mins
  • 1 x Hydrating Facial - 60 mins
  • 1 x Abhyanga Ayurvedic Body Treatment - 90 mins
  • 1 x Shirodhara Ayurvedic Head Treatment - 60 mins
  • 1 x Foot Massage - 30 mins
  • 2 x Yoga / Pranayama / Meditation *
  • *Choice of Timing - 7 am / 6 pm
  • Restores the nervous system
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Boosts the lymphatic system
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves tone and texture of skin
  • Silky soft skin
  • Increases energy
  • Improves jet lag and sleep patterns
  • Mental clarity and strength


The Rejuvenation program focuses on recovering your whole state of health and wellbeing.

The journey is designed to detoxify the body and get rid of the accumulated toxins through natural therapies, effective treatments and a personalized plan to boost your energy and vitality.

For those seeking to cleanse the body, refresh the mind, and promote a long and healthy life, this Immersion eases the way by gently stimulating the body's natural cleansing and regenerating processes.

  • Minimum 5 Nights
  • Recommended Stay: 8 Nights
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  • 1 x Akashi Body Treatment 120 mins
  • 1 x Shodhan Body Wrap - 30 mins
  • 1 x Udwarthan Body Detox Scrub - 45 mins
  • 1 x Abhyanga Ayurvedic Body Treatment - 60 mins
  • 1 x Nourishing Facial - 60 mins
  • 1 x Neck Shoulder Massage - 30 mins
  • 1 x Foot Massage - 30 mins
  • 1 x Restorative Scrub - 30 mins
  • 1 x Energizing Massage - 60 mins
  • 4 x Yoga / Pranayama / Meditation *
  • *Choice of Timing - 7 am / 6 pm
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing
  • Rebalancing your body by activating your physical, mental and energetic health.
  • Sense of being nurtured
  • Boosts the lymphatic system
  • Improved tone and texture of skin
  • Mental clarity and strength
  • Deeply relaxes
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Balances the body energies

SPA Reminders

SPA Reminders

Operating hours: The spa operates from 9am to 9pm daily (last booking at 8pm). After-hours spa appointments are subject to availability. Please dial extension 2 to make a reservation. Appointment: We highly recommend booking your treatment in advance to ensure that your preferred time and service is available. Special considerations: Most treatments can be adapted to accommodate allergies or injury. Please contact us with any queries and let us know of any medical or health concerns. Spa environment: Please refrain from smoking and turn your mobile phone off or to a silent setting whilst in, or around, Amrit Kashi Spa. The minimum age to receive a spa treatment is 13 years old. Guests under the age of 18 are required to have parental consent prior to the booking being accepted. Pre-treatment recommendations: For best results, we recommend men shave on the day of a facial. For women we recommend not shaving or waxing on the day of a body treatment. What to wear: Our therapists are trained in professional draping to maintain your privacy and cover you appropriately during treatments. We also provide disposable undergarments for both men and women should this be your preference. After your treatment: It is very important to drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. Take time to relax immediately afterwards, as this will help ensure you experience the full benefits of your treatment. Valuables: We advise you not to bring or wear valuables whilst using our spa facilities. We endeavour to take care of your belongings, but we do not assume liability for any loss of or damage to personal articles. Additionally, Amrit Kashi Spa shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any guest. Cancellation policy: We understand that schedules change and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Since your spa time is reserved especially for you, we kindly ask you to give a minimum of six hours cancellation notice so someone else may enjoy that time. Cancellations made within six hours will be subject to the full charge of the treatment booked. Package: Treatment include in the package can be extended for longer periods and it will charged at full menu price for the additional service.

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