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About Amrit Kashi Spa

The Amrit Kashi Spa presents fresh seasonal treatments specially blended according to your skin with the purest ingredients. From the potent Rasas of the sweetest Tender Coconut to the cool and refreshing juices of Cucumber and Aloe Vera with Lime and Narangi zest, when used in their natural form will leave your skin fresh, lightly scented and drenched with moisture.

Amrit Kashi Spa

These treatments with "living" substances such as plants are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life. They contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties necessary to nurture the skin and slow down the ageing process. They are perfect foods for the skin.

Inspired by their ancient forest surroundings and dedicated to natural well being, Amrit Kashi invites you to experience one of its Wellness spa packages designed to promote profound change. Mindfully designed packages to gently steer you on a new path these packages ensure palpable results and a deep sense of inner peace.

Taking a unique approach to complete wellbeing and personal fulfilment, Amrit Kashi transcends the usual spa offering to deliver an empowering holistic experience that encourages you to open your heart, rest your mind, nurture your body and engage your spirit and connect with the power and wonder within.

The Amrit Kashi spa team will be guiding the group through three/ five nights of group meditations, early morning yoga and spa treatments all complemented by an itinerary designed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Herb garden takes inspiration from its forest surroundings; it instils a sense of calm, well-being and serenity, just as Amrit Kashi is nestled amongst tropical vegetation with views across the river ganges. The range of treatments are luxurious and indulgent but also health-giving and soul soothing and will be given by Amrit Kashi specialist therapists.

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